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Why are additional points with the suffix '-i' being added to my results?

When waypoints in the flight plan are separated by more than a pre-determined distance, intermediate waypoints are added in the prediction results so that accuracy and integrity prediction can be checked in a uniform way with a minimal resolution. This is to allow the possibility of detecting a potential GPS outage in a zone which would normally be missing a waypoint. The rule / spacing for intermediate point generation can be considered as a linear interpolation between the request waypoints in 3D space.

Intermediate Waypoint Generation

Intermediate points will be inserted between waypoints provided in the route to ensure that no points are more than 60NM apart (this value is used to align with SAPT algorithm). These points will be indicated by the suffix "-i#" where # represents the number of the intermediate within a single leg of the route. The prefix for the intermediates will be the identifier of the previous waypoint.

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