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Why is my API request causing an "Error calling SAPT" message to be returned?

Impacted product version: all


1. Introduction

When using API service (SOAP or REST), I get an error code [Error calling SAPT] after submittal of my request.


2. Detailed explanation

In the case where we predict ADS-B reported position accuracy and/or integrity as insufficient, we must make a proxy call to FAA's SAPT (Service Availability Prediction Tool) in order to check if alternate surveillance is available (backup radar coverage data is own by FAA).

In this circumstance, SAPT may rejects requests that are usually handled when SAPT call is not needed.

If you see [Error calling SAPT] returned, this does not mean that Navblue tool is unavailable/down.

There are several reasons that may cause SAPT to fail. Check the ones hereunder and the proposed solution :

  • 'Aircraft type' value is different from small, medium, large or is not supported by SAPT

à Check your aircraft type and change it if needed

à Have a look at ICAO aircraft codes on https://www.icao.int/publications/DOC8643/Pages/Search.aspx

à Consider using generic small, medium, large categories instead, as these will only make a difference in the processing of the request by SAPT

  • 'Mask angle' value is not between 0.0 and 5.0 degrees

à Check your mask angle value and change it if needed

  • ETA / Time duplicated waypoints exists in the flight plan (TOC, TOD, ...)

à Remove them from flight plan and try again (we can handle them but not SAPT)

  • Some waypoints have ETA / Time later or equal than their predecessor in the flight plan

à Remove them from flight plan and try again (we can handle them but not SAPT)

  • GPS receiver configuration (TSO type + algorithm) is not supported by SAPT like for instance 145/146 + FD

à Adjust the GPS configuration if possible

  • Ultimately, SAPT is unavailable for unknown reason (SAPT availability is not guaranteed 24/7 by the FAA)

à FAA is working to achieve capability of issuing notifications when SAPT is out of service. 

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